The Minecraft Server Network with SOMETHING for EVERYONE

Quantum Blocks Minecraft has been around since the dawn of Minecraft Beta 1.7.10. We constantly strive to give you the BEST possible place to play your favorite game. We have a number of different servers to suit everyone’s Minecraft needs, all in one place. Join today to learn more about our network of amazing Minecraft Servers!

We have great relationships with tens of plugin developers to make custom addons to the gameplay you know and love. We offer a boat load of both free and paid features to give our users the best experience.

Our Rich History

QBMC started off as a private server in 2010 called, founded by me, scungilli! We started on Beta 1.7.10 and have been working hard ever since to tailor our servers to be the best place to play Minecraft. We merged with guys at Redstone Innovation to start creating awesome video content and exclusive access to the latest and greatest Redstone Innovation developments. We originally hosted a single vanilla Minecraft server but have grown to a bungeecord network of 15 servers and counting to provide YOU so many different ways to play. Check out our servers today by logging on to

About The Founders

We started off as a few high school kids that couldn’t find a good server to play on, so we decided to build our own! In 2010, scungilli, mozrila, and Anton338 founded the server in their 6th period technology class. Scungilli is now a biomedical engineer who still has a passion for minecraft in his spare time. Mozrila went off to study computer science and is now a full time software engineer. Anton338 studied electrical engineering and is now working toward a PE in electrical engineering! See the rest of our staff on our staff page!